Are your products natural?
Yes they are
Will your products grow my hair?
Our products are formulated to promote length retention moisture and hydration is a major key to hair growth.
What would you recommend for my hair?
No two people have the same hair. We suggest reading the product descriptions and selecting what you are looking to achieve with your hair.
Can I return my product?
No refunds No exchanges.
Can I use on my baby's hair?
We do not suggest using our products on babies under a year old.
Are your products FDA APPROVED?
No. Africa's Miracle make no claims or promises from the use of our products.
What if I am allergic to nuts?
Because many of our products have nut oils or butters. We suggest patch testing on a small area of the skin before applying hair.
What if a product is not stocked?
Our products are handmade and can take time to prepare larger batches. Please check our social media or email us for updates on restocks.
Can men use your product?
Is the Avococo Bentonite Clay hair mask a leave in?
No it is not. It should be rinsed from the hair.
Can I use Shea Whip on my skin?
Shea whip is a universal product. It can be used on the hair and body.
Is Pistachio Mint Soufflé a leave in?
Yes. It can be used for moisture. Protective styling and length retention.
Is Chebe Pomade okay you use on the scalp?
We don't encourage to use the pomade on the scalp but rather along the hair-shaft. It's perfect for sealing once you've applied a leave-in or water.
Is Africa's Miracle Black-Owned?
Do you sell wholesale?
Please email if you're interested in distribution of our products.