Breaking Down Natural Hair Myths
Dec 2019

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Breaking Down Natural Hair Myths

Breaking Down Natural Hair Myths

Breaking Down Natural Hair Myths


Hello all of our lovely Miracles!


Today we're going to be breaking down hair myths. We're not going to get to them all on this post, so this will be a series. So sit back, get a jar of Shea Whip, start that twist out you've been putting off; and leggo!







The Hair Type Grade System

Yes Tanya, it's fake.

The system is nothing but lies Chile! There is no such thing as 2A-4C hair types, but ya'll ain't hear this from me. The hair grade system was well... Made up. For good reason, of course. This was made to finally tell the distinctive differences between straight, wavy, curly, coily, and kinky hair types... It was also made as a marketing gimmick.



I can hear y'all now "BuT aMetHysT, InStagrAm SaiD" yeah, well Bianca, Instagram lied. I know it's hard to believe that the internet lies, but yes, here's a reality check for you. A lot of hair companies uses this made up grading system to push out more products. You may see some targeted to "Type 4 hair" when in reality... Those products are not only exclusive to us with "Type 4 Hair" now let me get down to the "fax" really fast to make this easier to understand.



Even though your hair type is "4C"--which pretty much means you have kinky hair, and it is difficult to see your curl pattern-- you can also have thin strands... Now Patricia, I know this seems really silly, but it IS true. Your hair can be very curly, and seem very "thick" but you can have thin strands... You just have a lot of thin strands. My hair is what most of you would call "Type 4 Hair" I say type 4 because my hair is a mixture of patters, not a single curl pattern. This what a lot of us have, so we are seeing a flaw in the system here too. My hair seems very thick, but in reality, I have thinner strands, and this will happen to a lot of women with course hair when their hair is growing longer. You will just have a lot of those thin strands which gives the illusion of thickness. This doesn't mean your hair is unhealthy, some people just have naturally thin strands. Thinness isn't equivalent to brittle, so if you're having that problem, you should purchase the All I Need Bundle on our site. This will give you well... All you need to start your healthy hair journey! Yes, that was a shameless plug. Tuh.


In conclusion, the hair grade type system is a myth ladies and gents. Even so, I still use it as reference and it just makes explaining hair so much easier. All citations will be below, and you guys have a wonderful miracle filled day! I said what I said, and I'm not arguing with none of y'all. Another myth will be busted next week.






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