Dec 2019

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Breaking Down Natural Hair Myths Pt.2

Breaking Down Natural Hair Myths Pt.2

Breaking Down Natural Hair Myths Pt.2

Can Black People Wash Their Hair Every day?



Hello my wonderful Miracles! Welcome back to the Miracle Blog! Last week, we busted a myth about the Hair Type Grade System, if you didn't read it... You seriously don't know what you're missing, go give it a read! NEOW


This week, we're going to be talking about if BLECK people can wash their hair everyday.


Without further ado, leggo













... Yeah... that- that's all I got for you.. I-I mean it's true.. You want me to explain it to you?? On Gawd?? yeah aight, I gotchu.


You heard me right.. Or saw me right?? Uh, okay you read that right! Yes, Bleck people can wash their hair every day, player. However, whether you can or should are two totally different things. Realistically, no one not even "Wypipo" should do it. Washing your hair every day strips the hair of its natural oils it produces to promote healthy, growing, hair. But this ladies and gents, is why you don't use shampoo to wash the HAIR, but the scalp..




Now, I'm saying this 'cause not everyone knows this. Usually, it is best to use shampoo to cleanse the scalp; so all the buildup, and GUNK can be removed, and your pores can be clear to release those sweet, sweet strands.








Conditioner should be used for the actual shaft of the hair. Instead of stripping the oils from the shaft with shampoo, you're adding much needed moisture to the hair shaft. For example, I use our Peppermint Lavender Shampoo on my scalp only most times, unless I'm taking out a protective style like braids.







If not, I'm using the AvoCoco & Bentonite Clay Deep Conditioning Hair Mask; focusing it on my scalp AND hair shaft. I leave it on for about 30 min, and wash it out with our Avocado & Green Tea Conditioner. After doing this, my hair is clean and my scalp is spotless like I've just used shampoo! It's important to use the hair mask only about once a month. If you're someone who likes to wash their hair often, then you can simply use our conditioner to cleanse your hair! The best part is... you don't have to wash the conditioner out.







And that's a wrap people! Another hair myth busted! The last myth will be revealed next week. Hope you all enjoyed reading, and remember, don't go the bed without your bonnet... I'm NOT playing with y'all... That includes men too, you better put that du-rag on and figure something out.


Until Next time! Amethyst: Signing Off *cool FBI exit*






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